I work deliberately, consciously employing both traditional and innovative techniques. My subconscious is the undisputed project manager. My arrangements are schematic, inviting the viewer to move into a space of speculation, reproducing familiar surrounding and arranging them into conceptual layers.


The scale of my work is important. My paintings are over-scaled. I need planes in which to physically move the paint around. Experimentation is crucial to this process – again, this form of experimentation with chemicals, solvents, pigments, oils and acrylics is highly physical – it requires an expansive surface for the alchemy to take place.  The slide photography I create is in sympathy with the painting process. The micro layered slides are physically hand-manipulated, connecting my practice with photographic traditions, principally the photographer’s relationship with the camera  - that unknowingness where what is captured is a mystery until it is processed and hand-layered.


The decisive moment is important in both painting and photography. I need to feel the moment when the layers come together to create the visual and emotional statement that defines me. Sources of inspiration come from decay and ruin – old settler cottages, expansive brooding skies, barren landscapes are reoccurring themes. These images appear in layers in my photographs, but are most often an essence of the experience of these actualities in my paintings.


How do I know when I will “finish” with art? I have ambitions – to exhibit widely in Australia and overseas. I still have much to say about both my practice and my relationship with art. I continue to make because I continue the story of who I am. As I wrote in the beginning of this statement, my story is not a narrative – it will never be complete. In many ways, it is up to the viewer of my works to complete me through layering their own experiences, narratives and filters onto the works they connect with. 







2017 Adelaide Fringe Festival Solo Exhibition 

"The Life Of Others"

Mixed Media on Canvas

Adelaide, South Australia


2017 "Emma Hack Art Prize Finalist / Adelaide Fringe"

Mixed Media Exhibition

Adelaide, South Australia


2016 Adelaide Fringe Festival Solo Exhibition 

"All This Will One Day Fall"

Mixed Media on Canvas 

Adelaide, South Australia


2014 “Out From Down Under & Beyond”

Photography Exhibition

New York, USA


2014 “Emma Hack Art Prize Finalist / Adelaide Fringe”

Mixed Media Exhibition

The Adelaide Convention Centre, South Australia


2012 “Sala Festival”

“Glow”, Art Faculty Exhibition

Pulteney Grammar School, Adelaide, South Australia


2011 “Kunst-Schau-Fenster”

Photography, Painting Exhibition

Eisenach, Germany


2011 “Studio Marktschänke”

Painting Exhibition

Eisenach, Germany


2010 “Praxis Eisenach”

Photography Exhibition

Eisenach, Germany


2010 “Red Opus Gallery”

Food for Thought Photography Exhibition

Adelaide, South Australia


2007 “Candle Nut Gallery”

Photography Exhibition

Pt Douglas, Queensland, Australia


2007 “Oceanic Art Prize Exhibition”

Photography, Painting and Sculpture Festival

Pt Douglas Community Hall, Queensland, Australia


2006 “Sala Festival”

Flora, Fauna, Flesh Photography Exhibition

Tincat Café, Adelaide, South Australia


2006 Adelaide Fringe Festival “Teotwawki”

“The end of the world as we know it”

An audio and visual event, rooftop, overlooking cityscape

Synagogue Place Rooftop, Adelaide, South Australia


2003 “Halt for the old man’s time & Sphere”

Electronica live & Slide Photography act ongoing Thursday night residency

Supermild Bar, Adelaide, South Australia


2002 Adelaide Fringe “Freshbait”

Halt for the old man’s time

An experimental combination of film and live electronica

Minke Bar, Adelaide, South Australia


2001 “Lost Paris in New Orleans”

Live electronic / world music and visual performance

Rhino Room, Adelaide, South Australia


2000 “Lost Paris in New Orleans”

Live electronic and world music festival event

Rhino Room, Adelaide, South Australia


1998 “Fringe Dwellers Performance”

Experimental electronica and live drum act

Background slide presentation

Port Warehouse, Adelaide, South Australia






2008       Graduate Diploma in Education

               University of South Australia


2005       Bachelor of Visual Communication

               University of South Australia


2000       Bachelor of Visual Arts

               University of South Australia   





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